School History

History of Hillsville Elementary School

old school

Hillsville Elementary School (HES) was established in the fall of 1955. Many changes and transitions have taken place during throught the years.

The original structure provided educational opportunities for students in grades one through six. Four additional classrooms were constructed in 1968.

In 1972, a kindergarten program was added. The fifth and sixth grade students were moved to Hillsville Intermediate School in 1981. During the summer of 1993, the Carroll County School system was restructured and the fifth grade students returned. Since that time, HES has educated students at the levels of kindergarten through fifth grade.  In 2005, HES relocated to its present location on Highway 221 just outside Hillsville, and has added a preschool program.

The school's curriculum has been revised and updated periodically to keep students and teachers abreast of current trends in education. From the onset, the emphasis has been meeting the needs of all student to help each individual become the best that he/she can be. A variety of teaching techniques and programs have been implemented: summer school, science and math pilot programs, physical education, art, music, technology, special education (including talented and gifted), guidance, English as a Second Language (ESL), and accelerated learning programs in reading and mathematics.

Essential academic skills are taught with the goal of producing life-long learners and productive citizens. Staff members of HES emphasize decision-making skills, responsibilities, and habits conducive to sound health, safe living, and physical and mental well being.