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Our Mission - Helping Everyone Succeed

Helping Everyone Succeed through a partnership of teachers, staff, parents, and community members; preparing children for the future by providing knowledge and skills to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success in a safe, positive and diverse environment.

School History

Hillsville Elementary School (HES) was established in the fall of 1955. Many changes and transitions have taken place throughout the years.

The original structure provided educational opportunities for students in grades one through six. Four additional classrooms were constructed in 1968.

In 1972, a kindergarten program was added. The fifth and sixth grade students were moved to Hillsville Intermediate School in 1981. During the summer of 1993, the Carroll County School system was restructured and the fifth grade students returned. Since that time, HES has educated students at the levels of kindergarten through fifth grade. In 2005, HES relocated to its present location on Highway 221 just outside of Hillsville, and has added a preschool program.

The school's curriculum has been revised and updated periodically to keep students and teachers abreast of current trends in education. From the onset, the emphasis has been meeting the needs of all students to help each individually become the best that he/she can be. A variety of teaching techniques and programs have been implemented: summer school, science and math pilot programs, physical education, art, music, technology, and special education (including talented and gifted), guidance, English as a Second Language (ESL), and accelerated learning programs in reading and mathematics.

Essential academic skills are taught with the goal of producing life-long learners and productive citizens. Staff members of HES emphasize decision-making skills, responsibilities, and habits conducive to sound health, safe living, and physical and mental well being.

School Schedule

The building opens each morning at 7:45 am. Students cannot be left at school before this time. Students that are eating breakfast should report to cafeteria and those students that are not eating breakfast should report to the gym.

  • Classes begin promptly at 8:15 with a tardy bell at 8:15. Students entering the building after 8:15 must receive a tardy slip.
  • In accordance with state law, HES will have a one minute silence time at the start of each morning.
  • Classes end at 3:23 pm. Afternoon dismissal times are as follows:
    • 2:55 pm students report to homeroom/Mail bell
    • 3:05 pm Parent Pick Up Dismissal
    • 3:23 pm All remaining students report to stations to await buses


  • Students arriving in vehicles in the morning must be dropped off on the school side of the street. Afternoon pick-up is from 3:05-3:30 pm.
  • Please follow the parent drop off and pick up route by looping around the staff parking lot and into the drop off/pick-up lane. This allows our parking lot to remain clear as well as ensure that students are safely loaded and unloaded.
  • Parents MUST send a note or telephone the school in advance for students to be listed as parent pick-up or to change usual transportation arrangements.